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IP Multimedia Core Network Components code-named "Core Components for 4th Generation Telecomm Infrastructure(CC4GTI)" is the research and developement (R&D) project carrried out for the the implementation of 3GPP compliant IMS Core Network Elements Home Subscriber Server, Online Charging System, Offline Charging System/CDF , Media Server and OAM&P. This project was developed by AdvancedIMS Inc in partnership with Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad Pakistan.
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Latest News
IMS Core Network Elements Released
April 23, 2009
Core Components for IP Multimedia Network Released. These include Home Subscriber Server, Online and Offline Charging Systems, Media Server and Element Management System/OAM&P
Diameter Stack Completed
May 25, 2008
Fully Diameter complaint stack has been completed. which supports message parsing, message validation,TCP transport, failover support, 3GPP/IMS support