Online Charging System (OCS) Supported Functionality:

  • 3GPP OCS Application with IMS Online Charging Support
  • Charging Model Session Charging with Unit Reservation is supported
  • IMS OCS Interface (i.e. Ro Interface (3GPP TS 32.240, 3GPP TS 32.296))
  • Internal Account Balance Management Function
  • Internal Rating Function

OCS Limitations:
  • Non-IMS Interfaces are not supported i.e. PS, CS Interfaces
  • Event Charging with Unit Reservation (ECUR) and Direct Debiting (IEC) are not currently supported in this version.
  • External Rating Function over standard Re Interface is not supported
  • Account Balance Management Function supports Proprietary Rc Interface. Standard Rc Interface is not Supported
OCS Architecture

The Online Charging System (OCS) Architecture is represented in following diagram