Diameter Stack
Diameter Stack is an implementation of "Diameter Base Protocol" IETF RFC 3588. Diameter Base Protcoal Stack supports Message Parsing, Message Validation, TCP Transport, Failover & Failback, Message Routing to registered Applications, Diameter Sessions Management

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Home Subscriber Server
Home Subsciber Server is 3GPP defined Centralized subscriber management Server and a database. It supports two 3GPP based diameter interfaces called Cx/Dx interface and Sh Interface,

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Online Charging System
Online Charging System is used for charging the user for the services in real time . Online Charging Server is a Diameter based server that implements IETF Diameter Credit Control Application [RFC 4006] tailored to 3GPP needs.

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Media Server
Media Server is an impelmentation of 3GPP defined Media Functons MRFC & MRFP. Media server supports SIP and MSCML based interface with Application Server(s) and RTP based interface with Endpoints.

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Offline Charging System

Diameter Offline Charging Server is used for charging the services in non-real time fashion. Diameter Offline charging Server implements Diameter Accounting Application [RFC 3588].

  • IMS Offline charging Interface i.e. Rf Interface (3GPP TS 32.240, 3GPP TS 32.296, 3GPP 32.299)
  • Accounting Request (ACR) and Accounting Answer(ACA) [ RFC 3588]
  • Support for Start, Interim and Stop Charging Events/Records
  • CDR logging into Database and ASN1 BER encoded files
  • Correlation Function for correlation of multiple Charging Records
  • Charging Gateway Function for communication with external Billing System
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OAM&P/EMS System
OAM&P System is implementaion of 3GPP specification for Operations , Administration , Maintainence and Provisioning, OAM&P is not full implementation of the said standard.the current release only implements the Element Management Funcationality.

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